How do I access a site via delegated access?

Go to Delegated Access tool.

Select Delegated Access from the Tool Menu.

Find site.

You can find a site in two ways:

  1. Search by site, user, or term
  2. Expand hierarchy nodes

Note: You must have Admin or Site Access in order to see this option.

Search for the site.

If you have a large number of sites, you may want to search for the specific site. You may search by site, user, term, school, department, or subject.

After providing search information for the desired site, click Submit.

Expand hierarchy nodes.

You may also expand the appropriate hierarchy nodes to locate the site in the list manually.

Access site

Once you have found the appropriate site, click on it. The site will open in a new tab/window.

Note: The tools and capabilities available to you in a site will depend on how your particular delegated access has been configured. For more information, see How do I delegate site access to a user?