How do I add a file from Resources to a Lessons page?

Instructors can upload files or link to existing Resources on a Lessons page.

Go to Lessons.

Click on the Lessons tool in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The default or blank Lessons page contains text and images that explain the basic functionality of the Lessons tool.

To upload a new file:

Click Add Content, and then select Add Content Links.

From the Add Content drop-down menu, select Add Content Links.

Click Choose Files.

Locate and select the file to upload, then click Open.

Click Save.

Click Edit. (Optional)

Add a description, then click Update Item.

View updated item.

Updating returns the display to the Lessons page with a link to the uploaded file and a description.

Notice item location in Resources.

Notice that the uploaded file has been placed in the Lessons page folder in Resources.