How do I add a new email template?

Note: Tools must already be configured to use the template service in order to be added here. You may add additional templates for existing keys using this tool. However, adding new template keys to the system would require custom code development.

Go to the Email Templates tool.

Select the Email Templates tool from the Administration Workspace Tool Menu.

Click New template.

Enter template information into the fields provided and Save.

Enter the email template information into the blank text fields provided.

  1. The Subject will be the subject line of the email message received by end users.
  2. The From line will indicate the sender of the email message.
  3. The Key is one of the template keys already defined in the system. View the list of existing templates to see the current keys available.
  4. The Locale typically indicates the language of the system. This is usually a two-letter code for a language, or sometimes the extended syntax for a language+region. Refer to the list of standard W3C language tags at the following link for more information:
  5. The Plain Text field is where you enter the text of your message.
  6. You may also provide an HTML Text version of the message if desired. This allows you to include additional formatting for the body of the message.
  7. Click Save Changes when complete.

Note: Remember that you may use the following items to substitute for real values in the system:

${localSakaiName} - the local title of the Course Management System (e.g., CamTools, CTools)

${currentUserEmail} - current user's email address

${currentUserFirstName} - current user's first name

${currentUserLastName} - current user's last name

${currentUserDisplayName} - current user's display name

${currentUserDisplayId} - current user's user id