How do I attach files from my Home Resources to submissions in my other sites?

You can attach items from My Resources in your Home site to any location in another site where you have permission to add attachments.  For example, you may attach a file stored in My Resources to an assignment or forum post in one of your course sites.

Upload item(s) to My Resources.

For information on accessing and uploading files to My Resources, see What are My Resources in Home? and How do I upload files?

Attach a My Resources file to work in another site.

In the site where you want to add an attachment, go to the tool where you want to add it, for example, Assignments.

Go to the item where you want to attach the file.

Click on Edit beneath the item where you want to attach the file.

Under Attachments, select Add Attachments.

Scroll down to the Attachments section of the Edit Details page and click Add Attachments.

Click the Select from resources tab.

On the Add attachments page, click the Select from resources tab.

Under Select from resources, scroll down and select Show other sites.

Under Select from resources, click Show other sites

Select the Home folder from your list of other sites.

To the right of the file you want to attach, click Attach a copy.

Confirm attaching selected file(s).

The name of your selected file will display under Items to attach at the top of the page.

When you have finished selecting the files you want to attach, click Continue.

The file is attached.

A link to your file will be displayed under Attachments.

View the Attachment icon next to the item in Resources.

Back on the Item's landing page, the item will now appear with the attachment icon to the left of the item title.