How do I enable group submissions for an assignment?

Go to the Assignment tool.

Select the Assignments tool from the Tools Menu in your site.  

Add a new assignment or edit a draft assignment.

Click Add to create a new assignment.

Or, click Edit to edit a draft assignment.

Note: You can only select the group submission option for a new or draft assignment. Once the assignment has been posted for students, you cannot change this setting.

Display only to selected groups.

If you select Each individual member of the selected group(s) option, a drop-down box appears. Clicking the down arrow will show a list of all existing groups in the site.  Select one or more groups to display the assignment to those groups only.

Note: The first two options only control the visibility of the assignment for users in different groups. By default, each member of the group still submits an individual assignment, but this display setting allows you to identify different assignments for different groups or sections.

Tip: If you want students to submit one assignment per group, use the The selected group(s), as a group assignment option below.

Select group submission - one submission per group.

If you select the radio button for The selected group(s), as a group assignment it will allow any member of a group to submit an assignment on behalf of the group. By default, the same grade is applied to all group members when the item is graded. However, the instructor can also override the group grade for any individual member of the group.

Note: You must have existing groups in your site in order for the group option to appear.

Check for duplicate participants.

After selecting more than one group, a note will appear prompting you to check for duplicate participants. Click the Check Now button to scan for names that appear in both groups. If there are no duplicate names, you will receive a Success message.

If a duplicate name is detected, you will get an alert. You will not be able to post the assignment until the error is resolved. To find out more about managing group participants, learn more about the Site Info tool.

Post your assignment.

Once you have entered all of your assignment settings, scroll down to the bottom and click Post to save your changes and post the assignment.