How do I make an LTI tool available to site owners?

Note: Configuration of an external tool requires information unique to the external solution being integrated. In addition, integration with a solution from a third-party vendor may require an account with that vendor. Be sure to confirm all necessary information for an external solution before configuration.

Go to External Tools.

Select External Tools from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

View Installed Tools.

Click Installed Tools. If any external tools have been configured and made available in your instance, you'll see them listed.

Install LTI 1.1 tool.

Click Install LTI 1.1 Tool. The External Tool page displays.

Configure LTI tool

On the External Tool page, select settings and provide information as appropriate.  

Site ID

Enter the appropriate site ID in the Site Id field if you want the external tool to be available ONLY in that site. If you want the external tool to be available in all sites, be sure to leave this field blank.


  1. Enter text in the Tool Title field. When users access the tool in a site, this text displays at the top of the frame.
  2. Choose either Do not Allow or Allow editing of the title by site owners.
  3. (Optional) Select a custom icon from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose either Do not Allow or Allow editing of the icon by site owners.
  5. Enter text in the Button Text field. When users access the tool in a site, they'll see this text in the Tool Menu.
  6. Choose either Do not Allow or Allow editing of the button text by site owners.
  7. (Optional) Enter text in the Description field. This description will display to site owners when they select the tool via Site Info.



  1. For tool status, select Enabled or Disabled. Enabled means that it is available for use in the system. Disabled means it is not available for use.
  2. For tool visibility, select Visible or Stealthed. Visible means that site owners can select it from Site Info > Manage Tools to add it to a site. Stealthed means that it does not appear in Site Info > Manage Tools and only admin users can add it to a site.

Launch settings

Note: The following settings are unique to each external solution. If the solution being integrated is from a third-party vendor, the vendor typically provides this information.

  1. Enter the URL in the Launch URL* field.
  2. Enter the LTI key in the Launch Key* field.
  3. Enter the LTI secret in the Launch Secret* field.

(Optional) Select the Allow radio button for any of these items to let site owners edit this information.

Frame height

To specify a height for the tool frame in a site, enter a value (in pixels) in the Frame Height field. Choose Allow to let site owners edit this value.

Tool Order

To specify the default order of the tool in the Tool Menu, specify a number in the list. This option is only available for LTI that are available in all sites.

Configuration dialog

Privacy settings/services

Determine the site information you want provided to the external solution, and whether the solution will return grades for Gradebook integration. Select settings as appropriate.

Content Item Selection launches.

Select the ways in which you would like this tool to be able to launch within a site.

(Optional) Custom parameters

  1. Provide additional parameters in the Custom Parameters field, as appropriate. Be sure to list each parameter on a separate line. A parameter should be in the following format:  key=value  
  2. If you would like to manually map Sakai roles to specific IMS roles, enter the mapping here in the following format: instructor:Learner;student:Learner
  3. Click Allow additional custom parameters to let site owners enter more parameters.

Splash screen

Enter text in the Splash Screen field, as appropriate. This text will display to all users before the external tool launches.

LTI 1.3 information

If you are configuring an LTI 1.1 tool, leave the default selection of Tool does not support LTI 1.3.

If you are configuring an LTI 1.3 or LTI Advantage tool, select Tool supports LTI 1.3.

For LTI 1.3 tools, enter the Tool OpenID Connect/Initialization Endpoint and Tool Redirect Endpoint(s) into the two fields provided.

LTI 1.1 information

Save your work

Click the Save button. You'll see the external tool listed with other external tools available in the system.