How do I merge announcements?

The function to merge announcements allows for a central course to push out announcements to other courses.  For example, a Nursing Program includes twenty different courses.  But a single Nursing Program Master course or project site could be used to push announcements out to all twenty of the Nursing Program courses.  Announcements that are merged from the Master course cannot be edited or deleted in the individual Nursing Program courses.  Those courses could create additional announcements that would apply to their specific course only.  Those would appear in addition to the announcements merged from the Master Course.

Go to the Announcements tool.

Select the Announcements tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Merge.

Select the course to merge from.

Check the box beside the course from which this course will draw its announcements, and then click Save.

Example: Master Site Announcements

This image shows the Master site with the announcement created.  


Example: Merged Site Announcement

Merged announcements show up in the other course's Announcements list, but there is no option to edit here. Announcements can only be edited within their site of origin. Edits made in originating message will display in merged sites once they are saved.