How do I schedule a new job?

Go to the Job Scheduler tool.

Select the Job Scheduler tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Click the Jobs button.

Click the New Job button.

Give the job a name.

Select the job type from the drop-down menu.

Click Post.

Click Run Job Now to run the job manually.

Click Run Now to confirm.

Or, to automate the job, click New Trigger.

Enter a Trigger Name and Cron Expression.

A cron expression is a string comprised of 6 or 7 fields separated by white space. Fields can contain any of the allowed values, along with various combinations of the allowed special characters for that field. The fields are as follows:

Field Name Mandatory Allowed Values Allowed Special Characters

Seconds YES 0-59 , - * /

Minutes YES 0-59 , - * /

Hours YES 0-23 , - * /

Day of month YES 1-31 , - * ? / L W

Month YES 1-12 or JAN-DEC , - * /

Day of week YES 1-7 or SUN-SAT , - * ? / L #

Year NO empty, 1970-2099 , - * /

So cron expressions can be as simple as this: * * * * ? *

or more complex, like this: 0/5 14,18,3-39,52 * ? JAN,MAR,SEP MON-FRI 2002-2010

For more information on cron expressions, see How do I create cron expressions?

Click Post.

View the list of triggers for that job.

You will see a list of triggers for the current job, along with an indication of when it is next scheduled to run.

You may add additional triggers if desired.

Deleting a trigger.

To remove an existing trigger, select the check box next to the item and then click the Delete button.

Click OK to confirm the deletion.