How do I transfer ownership of a question pool?

By default, only you will be able to access the question pools you create, but you can share your question pools with other instructors from within the system.

However, question pool owners have more options for sharing and managing question pools than users with shared access. In some cases, you may wish to transfer ownership of a question pool to another user so that the new user has all of the available options going forward. For example, if the original owner of a pool is retiring or leaving the institution, he or she may need to transfer all of his or her pools to another faculty member in the department.

Note: Transferring ownership of a question pool also transfers ownership of any subpools within the selected pool.

Go to Tests & Quizzes.

Select the Tests & Quizzes tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Question Pools.

Select Transfer Ownership.

Select the pools to be transferred and click Continue.

Select one or more pools to be transferred to another user. Then click Continue.

Note: If you select a pool containing subpools, the subpools will automatically be selected as well.

Enter the user ID of the new pool owner and click Continue.

Click Transfer Ownership to confirm the transfer.

The transferred pool/s will no longer be listed under the original owner's question pools.