What is Home?

When you log in to Sakai, you will immediately see your Home area, or your individual workspace in the system. Your Home displays the Message of the Day as well as course announcements, calendar, and message notifications. You will also see links to account utilities, enrolled courses, and other system-wide resources.

Note: The default location and availability of items in Home may be customized by your institution.

Home Navigation and Display

Home consists of the following navigation and display elements:

  1. Site Navigation across the top
  2. The Tool Menu on the left
  3. The Message of the Day
  4. Home: Calendar
  5. Home: Information Display
  6. Home: Recent Announcements
  7. Home: Message Center Notifications

The Home area of Sakai is designed to give you an overview of what is happening in your courses, and provide access to your individual account information and preferences.