What is the admin Memory tool?

The admin Memory tool allows administrators to view cache sizes in order to better optimize performance.

Sakai's default cache sizes and expiration settings are conservative and most likely need to be adjusted at large institutions.

All caches should be adjustable in Sakai 10.0+ with a simple modification to the sakai.properties file.

Adjust the caching of users especially if you use the JLDAP provider. This example will cache up to 50k users for up to half a day each:

  • memory.org.sakaiproject.user.api.UserDirectoryService.callCache=timeToLiveSeconds=43400,timeToIdleSeconds=0,maxElementsInMemory=50000

Adjust the realm/role group cache to retain items in the cache for two hours:

  • memory.org.sakaiproject.authz.impl.DbAuthzGroupService.realmRoleGroupCache=timeToLiveSeconds=7200,maxElementsInMemory=0

The user/site cache keeps track of the sites associated with the user:

  • memory.org.sakaiproject.site.api.SiteService.userSiteCache=timeToLiveSeconds=86400,timeToIdleSeconds=0

The security service cache retains information about permission requests (e.g., can user xxxx do asn.submit in /site/abc):

  • memory.org.sakaiproject.authz.api.SecurityService.cache=timeToLiveSeconds=86400,timeToIdleSeconds=0

To access this tool, select Memory from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.